Hi, my name is Aidan Conti. I am an associate professor (førsteamanuensis) the Department for Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, at the University of Bergen where I have been employed in various capacities since 2004.

This website was set up to explore and consider work that relates to my research, especially relating to the textual culture of the Middle Ages. The weblog is the low-profile, but public part of this endeavor; other activities that both organize research and help me assimilate ever-changing technology, go on behind the scenes. Consequently, I imagine that my posting will often consider the medieval, the modern, the contemporary and how they relate to each other.

In considering a title, initially I had Walter Map’s De nugis curialum in mind. When I checked the currency of ‘nugatorius scriptor’ (using the Google), I found (from Anthony Grafton) that Joseph Scaliger used the phrase in connection with a bad edition of Joseph ben Gurion, once confused with Josephus. About this I am entirely ignorant, which is entirely suitable for a trifling writer of my sort.

My hobbies include extricating lollipops from children’s hair and related activities.

Eva and Christopher

Eva and Christopher

Although this past-time becomes less time consuming as these two age well beyond the photo here (from sometime 2009). =)