???? Harmony $ONE top dog coin! $KURO + NFT game!!

Reeeee another day another dog coin. I think it's getting somewhat out of hand but well, it is what it is. Seems like it's here to stay. $DOGE is already in the top ten and $SHIB is somewhere close to being one. What a world we live in! Lately it's $SAMO that doesn't seem like it's gonna stop any time soon but we're not gonna stop finding that doggy gem!!

I have found out about this dog coin on Harmony (Can't go wrong being on $ONE, can it?) just a few days before it got listed on Coingecko, $KURO. I had a look at it a bit and turns out, it's not just a normy dog coin or meme coin but instead, it got some products and use cases! Spoiler aleart.. NFT and game involved!! OMG!! I can't help it but make another dog video (2nd one of the day to be frank #lol)

Anyways, I did invest in it a little and actually feel bullish after going through their site and social media channels so I'm here to share this project, $KURO just to be another option for you to consider if you have some spare stables to just throw into a new / low cap meme coin just to try your luck and see how it goes!

$KURO official site & social media channels:

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00:00 Intro
01:25 What is Kuro Shiba $KURO
01:40 $KURO price on CoinGecko
02:30 $KURO NFTs and browswer game
04:49 Roadmap
05:12 Earn with $KURO
06:16 My thoughts on $KURO

Disclaimer: It's never financial advice on all videos on Mo Crypto Mo Problem Channel. Please do your own research before investing. #DYOR

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