Birthday Party for 5! Pool time fun and Ruby has an allergic reaction

Today we celebrated 5 of our farm friends birthdays at the farm. We have a few birthdays scheduled this week because we couldn’t have them last week with our Santa photos.

Today could have been a record I think!

We all got together and ate cake in celebration for Hera and litter mate Rodney’s birthdays. As well as dear Ziggy, Billie and Luca.

It’s a big pack on a Monday and there was plenty of yummy chicken and beef cake to go round!

Ruby the Boxer had an allergic reaction to possibly a bite of some sort when she was likely rolling in the grass. She came up in hives. After a antihistamine and a swim on the cool pool it all went down in about 15 mins.

Beside us in the neighbouring paddock a bird of prey landed in the field. We weren’t sure what it had got, but it turned out to be a duckling. We know it’s the circle of life, it’s a common thing living on property but it’s always sad to witness. We try so hard each season to help the ducklings survive but so many of them fall prey to so many things. Even the fish in our big dam are known to take and eat ducklings!

In the pool, Mondays pack bring the action!

The guys have a slushie before Rodney leaves for the day with all the dogs to take them home. Luke talks about the back story to the slushie machine.

More videos to come … there’s the night shift … puppy checks, sleeping beauties and late afternoon wrestling ❤️
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