Cleo the Hungarian Vizsla - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Cleo the Vizsla Puppy has completed her 3 week residential stay

Her owners really wanted Cleo to have the best start and ensure that all family members feel confident with walking her.

After 3 weeks of intensive training, Cleo can now walk nicely on the lead instead of surging ahead all the time, and we've put sniffing on cue so that she doesn't pull to sniff

Cleo had also been a passionate counter surfer with lots of previous success. To fix this, we've taught Cleo an alternative behaviour that can be reinforced instead, so now she can settle on her bed instead. This means her family can now cook in the kitchen without the risk of food being stolen

Last but not least, Cleo has learnt all key obedience skills and has continued to work on her recall which her owners already made a great start to

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