DIY home cooked dog food recipe, made by a registered nurse! Nutritional analysis in the comments.

I made this video to teach you how to home cook your dog a meal that has everything in it that your dog requires to meet his/her nutritional needs. This meal is designed for ADULT dogs. This recipe is cost effective and easy to prepare. In the description below, I’ve included the ingredients, a nutritional analysis, and some helpful links. Homemade dog food can be a great way to improve your best friend’s health, while saving some money at the pet store! Preparing this food costs more than kibble, but less than feeding canned food.

Ingredients: (Verify every product you give your dog is safe for dogs!)
2 lb red meat products
2 lb poultry products
1 lb liver
1 lb kidney (or other secreting organ – don’t use beef brain due to mad cow risk)
12 eggs
4 lb sweet potatoes/yams
6 cooked cups of white rice or quinoa
6 large carrots or 1 can of sliced carrots
15 oz cooked beans
15 oz cooked pumpkin
Roughly 24 oz veggies (I usually do 24 oz leafy greens or 12 oz spinach and 12 oz broccoli/cauliflower)
56 g ground flaxseed
30g hemp hearts
50g ground eggshells (must be powdered for complete absorption)
7 tsp cod liver oil (must contain added tocopherols)
16 oz oysters
15 oz mackerel
The Missing Link Kelp and Glucosamine (amount varies by pet weight – check the bag)
Powdered goat’s milk (for cooking and for dog to drink with the meal)

Meat Cook Times:
- 30 minutes from thawed
- 60 minutes from frozen

Rough Feeding Instructions: (Per Meal - adjust if your dog gains or loses weight)
- For an athletic 75 lb dog, feed about 20.5 oz of food with ¾ cup goat’s milk.
- For an athletic 50 lb dog, feed about 13 oz of food with ½ cup goat’s milk.
- For an athletic 25 lb dog, feed about 7.5 oz of food with ¼ cup goat’s milk.
- If your dog is not athletic, try reducing the food weight by an ounce or two.
- Very athletic dogs may need additional food to maintain muscle mass/body weight.
- This is just a rough idea of where to start. Pay attention to changes in your dog’s weight and adjust accordingly.

Nutritional Analysis:
- This meal plan is consistent with NRC Nutritional Requirements for Adult Dogs.
- Click this link to see a partial nutritional analysis: https://pdfhost.io/v/zcT1WgRyd_Nutrition_Meal_Planner
- These minerals not shown above are all within acceptable ranges, per NRC daily requirements: choline, phosphorus, chloride, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, iodine. This can be verified by going to the NRC link below.

- https://www.soupersage.com/
- https://perfectlyrawsome.com/raw-feeding-knowledgebase/nrc-nutritional-requirements-for-adult-dogs/
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