Dog Cake | How to make a butter cream icing cake to suit those who love dogs | Magic Butter icing.

Dog Cake | How to make a butter cream icing cake to suit those who love dogs | Magic Butter icing.

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Magic butter icing cake. This is the name I gave to the cake design. I tried a butter icing method that no one else in the world has done. This butter icing system is a very old icing system. I added my latest ideas to that old icing system and found a new way of icing the cake. This is a simple complete butter icing cake made by adding beautiful colors.

Everyone is asking how to make this icing. As always, it is difficult to say exactly how much raw material to put in the icing. Approximately 1kg of cake = 150g of icing sugar, 80g of margarine (take margarine that does not melt at room temperature), vanilla, if you want to reduce the sweetness, add a little lime and mix until it becomes non-sticky. Do not overdo it. Make the icing and then place the icing in the middle of a clean polythene (you can buy a new shopping bag) and thin it well. Then pour the butter cream well on the cake and carefully paste the icing sheet. In this video you can see how icing is made.

Visit my "Sooriya food and CAKE" YouTube channel to see more than cake designs icing like this. Follow the link above to watch the video of making this cake as well. Very Interesting, Very Simple, Quality, Very Inexpensive Anyone Can Easily Learn Simple Icing Designs To Watch Everyday.

Butter icing that can be made very easily. Mixing only by hand. Learn how to make butter icing very easily. I teach butter icing designs that anyone can easily create. Learn this icing recipe and make a butter icing cake to surprise your family. Butter icing can be easily made without the use of electrical appliances. This icing method is an old icing method. I hope to bring you many new icing designs by adding my latest ideas to this old icing system. Learn how to make butter icing that is good for the body. That butter icing can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. You do not have to worry about diabetes as the icing cake is made using a very thin icing sheet. Learn this icing recipe well and create a cake and earn extra income. You will be amazed to know about this icing method.
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