Dog's Hilariously Guilty Reaction to Knocking Over Plant Viewed 12m Times

Dogs can be boisterous animals, escaping, eating anything in sight and tearing up the house given half the chance. But they're as good at making a mess as they are in their remorse, with our pets groveling for forgiveness as they know they've done wrong. That was the case with a Doberman, named Storm, who reacted so guiltily to a plant pot being knocked over, he may as well have handed himself to the police. His owner, Amberly Zamora, shared a hilarious clip to her TikTok account, @amberlyzamora, capturing Storm's brilliant reaction. Zamora, thought to be from Missouri, starts by filming one of her Dobermans, Zia, who is looking incredibly shifty, with the clip available to be seen here. In the background of the clip she can be heard asking: "Zia was it you? Zia. Did you knock her down?"Zia has her ears back as she shifts uncomfortably, whining. She keeps looking over to her right, as she gestures towards the side while making small sounds. Zamora then pans over to where Zia was looking—passing a knocked down palm which has spilled soil on the floor. In the video captions, she revealed the shrub was called "Pam the palm."Standing near the crime scene is her other Doberman, Storm, who pauses as Zamora calls out his name."Was it Storm? Storm did you knock pam down? Was it you?" she asks, as the pooch hilariously tip-toes past, moving at a snail's pace. The video has amassed more than 12 million views since being shared at the end of August, as Zamora captioned the clip: "Let's take a vote. Who did it? Zia or Storm?"There has been an overwhelming turnout for Storm being the culprit, as people agreed he couldn't look more guilty if he tried. While they also pointed out Zia had no trouble "snitching."Lusa Larson joked: "Zia totally threw Storm under the bus."Glamzilla agreed, saying: "That dog is a snitch."Pollypocketsy joked: "Storm is moving in slow-mo therefore doesn't exist. I can confirm it wasn't Storm.""It obviously wasn't Storm. She is clearly invisible," Carnivaljedi reckoned. Ryze Hendricks simply stated: "It's safe to say Storm did it."Jessica Bryan Hernandez commented: "Zia totally tattled."While Emercyn pointed out: "Storm was moving so slow he almost fell over."In Instagram posts Zamora revealed more about her beloved dogs, revealing Storm turned two in 2018. And she shared a post last March, saying: "March 2020 Welcome home Zia!! We adopted this perfect little beautiful dobie and we (Storm included) are so happy!!"Newsweek reached out to Zamora for comment.

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