EASY CHICKEN MEAT BALL FOR DOGS | Dog Treats ???? | Diy homemade dog food

Are you training a new puppy?
Need a healthy dog treat?
Then these Chicken Meat Ball for Dogs are for you.
Your dogs will love them!
Click the video for details!

00:00 Opening
00:35 1.Chop and puree the chicken breast in a food processor.
00:53 2.Peel, chop the pumpkin and carrot and puree them in a food processor.
01:25 3.Mix the meat puree and vegetable puree well and massage them a little.
01:42 4.Knead them into a meat ball, the size according to your preference.
02:00 5.Steam or poach them around 15 mins.
02:49 Finish!
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