Evening Family Pool Party with all the Dogs

It’s Saturday evening at the farm, it’s raining and although Summer is only a couple of weeks away it’s not too warm.

But the pool is heated and the fireplace is going so we’re ready for a pool party tonight with all our family members, humans and dogs!

There’s so many lovely moments for us here. Wolfie goes for his very first swim. Zeus the Mini Dachshund was on fire with his gorgeous little dives. And newly adopted Freddo the Rottweiler not only gets the hang of swimming and thoroughly enjoys it, we learn during this evening about Freddo’s beautiful trait that is to keep his pack safe.

Freddo gently dragged Elle in several times by her floatie. I only managed to capture a couple of times. But looking back on the video, I can see Freddo keeping a close eye on all the pack members from the get go. Even the little Dashies!

We toasted marshmallows and had a magical night together.
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