Goldilocks - Jack Russell Terrier - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Goldilocks the 2 year old Jackapoo has completed her 4 week top-up assistance dog residential training stay.

Goldilocks' owners wanted to start some task training for her as well as work on her reactivity when out in public

During her stay, her trainer has worked on teaching her to retrieve items from the floor and give them to hand as part of her assistance dog task training

In addition to this, Goldilocks can be a bit spooky with sudden movements. So her trainer Has been working really hard on her calming and settling skills. She is now much better at settling and really enjoys settling during a pub lunch or a coffee break, without being too spooked by members of the public and dogs passing her.

She has made tremendous progress at ignoring distractions and also observing the world around her, instead of trying to interact with everything.

She has also been working hard on her lead walking. This is an area she struggled with but is an important key skill to her owners, as she is hoping to become an assistance dog.

Last but not least, Goldilocks has been polishing off all her key obedience skills, alongside understanding that jumping isn’t the best and only way to say hello!!!

See you soon Goldilocks!!! ❤️????

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