Goofy the Airedale Terrier Puppy - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Goofy the Airedale puppy has completed his 3 week residential training stay

Goofy is an awesome boy with tons of toy drive which we have embraced lots with his recall training. He can now come when called and focus on his owner after returning instead of running straight past or shooting back towards distractions.

Goofy was also a very fussy pup, he now LOVES food! This has massively helped and Jackson now knows his core obedience cues well and now reliably listens to them when out and about making his lunging and jumping at people and dogs easy to manage as now understands it’s actually more rewarding to listen to his owner.

Goofy has also made great progress with this lead walking and will happily walk by his owners side when on his walks. This is a great start for this young pup as he’s due to grow lots!

Last but not least, he has learnt lots about settling and is much calmer on his bed, enjoying chews and just resting. Goofy has come a long way with his mouthing and we will continue to work with this owner to teach him better outlets for this behaviour.

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