Gus the Wheaten Terrier - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Gus the 2 year old Wheaten Terrier has completed his 4 week residential training stay

Our main goal with Gus was to work on his reactivity towards other dogs.

Gus has mixed emotions when meeting dogs, he would often run over to introduce himself and then find he wasn't actually comfortable with that situation and would lunge, snap or bite.

This was far from ideal as a few other dogs had been hurt from Gus's responses so we have worked towards offering Gus better coping strategies.

Gus is now less interested in meeting other dogs, instead he is engaging far more with his handler, recalling frequently and enthusiastically rather than reluctantly.

Plus any greetings he does have are always kept very short so Gus can happily move himself on without the need to react.

His owners are super committed to Gus and his training. We look forward to hearing how Gus continues to progress.

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