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Hello Pet Parents! Are you conscious about your dog's health? This video is especially for you! In this video, I have reviewed multiple healthy dog treats from Dogsee Chew.

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Hello everyone! I'm Nidhi, an animal enthusiast here who loves being around furry tails of all shape and sizes. The Tails Tale is a project for sharing wonderful pet stories, tips, facts, and interesting DIY's for your furry companion. Also, though this page, we will UNBOX, REVIEW & RECOMMEND some ‘must have’ pet products. I have learning in Animal behavior and welfare (Affiliated by University of Edinburgh), Natural Dog nutrition & wellbeing (by Daniel Coutts) and First-aid for pet (by Dr. Katherine van Ekert). For brand collaboration & business enquiry, contact at [email protected] if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will surely try to answer at earliest. Or you can also follow me on social media.


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