Homemade Cat Treats - Dehydrated Chicken Jerky for Cats Recipe

DIY Homemade Cat Treats. Any cat lover here? Treating our cat with a homemade treat we've made ourselves can be a great way to connect with our cat and display our care and love. My cats love this chicken jerky very much and I'm really very happy!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 3 hr
Total Time: 3 hr 10 min
Yield: ±80 grams


1/2 chicken breast (approx. 230g)


Clean the chicken breast and cut into thin slices. Arrange the chicken slices on dehydrator trays.

Set Dehydrator to 70°C. Leave for 3 hours. Turn and flip the chicken slices occasionally. Rotate trays every 30 minutes. Feel free to change the time to match the texture you want.

Recipe: http://www.marecipes.com/homemade-cat-treats

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