I hate dogs (in Elden Ring)

Elden Ring's dogs are some of the most annoying enemies for me to wrap my head around in a fight. Even hundreds of hours into the game, one tiny mistake in a fight against a dog threatens to send me spiraling into despair and lost runes. I wanted to figure out what it was about FromSoft's dog-type enemies that made them so obnoxious to fight. So I put away my weapons and put up my fists to every dog in the Lands Between — including the Monstrous Dogs and the Red Wolf of Radagon — until I figured out why dogs are a pain in my butt.

0:00 Elden Ring's dogs
1:00 Elden Ring dogs' attack moves
3:08 Elden Ring dogs are fast
3:35 A Brief Interlude
4:11 Dogs are sneaky
4:57 Dogs hunt in packs
6:08 Dog gameplay tips

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