Jim Hodges Dog Training Puppy Dos and Donts - Puppy House Training | Puppy Potty Training

Hello everyone, this is a video on puppy housetraining or puppy potty training. The instructions in this video are the things I do with my puppies or my dog training clients.

House training is all about getting our puppies or dogs on a schedule. We need to be consistent with that schedule and learn our puppy's body language and tendencies. Paying attention will go a long way to doing this.

I believe the quickest way to get our puppies or dogs potty trained is to use a dog crate. I like the open styled dog crate instead of the plastic crate. This allows our puppies/dogs to be a part of the pack.

One thing I need to mention is to make sure you never let your puppy or dog out of the crate while they are barking or whining ... unless you KNOW they have to use the bathroom. If you let them out, you run the risk of this becoming a part of their crate behavior. Always praise when they are nice and quiet.

I will be happy to send you my Puppy and Dog Housetraining Guide e-book for free if you email me. I provided an email address inside of the video that provides the instructions. (No email here as I do not want to be spammed.)

I like to think the things I do are the same symbolic and instinctive moves that mom and the siblings in the litter/pack do to each other. The important thing is to be upbeat, consistent and do not intimidate or dominate your puppy. Never ever ask your puppy to do something unless you know they are going to do it or you can make them do it. Of course, it is always more preferable to know instead of to make.

I have been professionally training for approximately 30 years now. The topics here are what i show my local clients and actually do with my puppies. I hope you enjoy.

If you have questions about your puppy feel free to email me. I will do my best to provide an answer here with a specific video or even a question/answer series. Dogs have been a blessing in my life and I want to give back to them.

Thank you,

Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges Dog Training
Leader of the Pack Dog Training

Jim Hodges Dog Training Puppy Dos and Donts - Puppy House Training | Puppy Potty Training
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