Letting a Homeless Dog Design their New Home!

We designed a house for a dog by a dog! Wait until you see their reaction when they see their new home for the first time ever! ???????? Answers a few questions for me and get a gift at the end ???? https://form.typeform.com/c/w98HbrqQ

Tye Friis asked me and my team to help with the design of building a tiny house for a homeless dog so we decided to let Maggie the pit bull make all of the design choices by buying everything she touches. We let her shop at Petco , Home Depot , Hobby Lobby , Best Buy and more! Letting a rescue dog design a tiny house could be a fail but I think it is worth a try. And wait until you meet Leonardo the senior homeless dog. He is blind deaf and in need of some major help!

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Watch the video that started it all - I Built a Tiny House for a Homeless Dog: https://youtu.be/P_Fs5fzHIUU

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