Light Language for Animals: Transmute Stress and Anxiety

This light language energy transmission is intended to relieve and transmute stress and anxiety in animals. Stress can come from many different sources, especially in domesticated animals living with humans. As very sensitive creatures, energetically, animals can easily become overwhelmed, stressed and anxious from their life’s experiences and other trauma. If your pet has suffered from anxiety for whatever reason, it is recommended that you incorporate this recording daily for about a week to fully integrate the energy download and for your pet to establish a calm baseline. Otherwise, once a month or so is enough for spot treatments and periodic energy cleanses to keep your furry friends processing their emotions and releasing dense energy in healthy ways.

How to Use Animal Light Language:

For pets (furry family members) in the home:
-Play this recording at low volume in the background of a space your pets inhabit (or just anywhere in your house as the energy will find its way).
-Do not force a pet to ‘listen’ as they may leave the area to go to their safe space to absorb the energy on their own terms.
-For best results play the short recording 2-5 times in one sitting to achieve vibrational resonance for your pet, but once is always more than enough (because energy is awesome that way).
-If you want your pets on a daily light language regiment then that is purrfectly okay (I couldn’t help myself), and any animal-specific recording can be played daily and multiple times a day (or 24/7 if you want) without any negative effects. If your animals don’t need the energy then they simply won’t use it.

For sending this energy to animals outside your home:
-Set the intention first: “I send this energy to all animals in need,” or “I send this energy to (someone’s) (pet name),” [or similar, etc.]
-Then just let the recording play. You do not have to listen and can go back to doing your human thing.
-For best results in sending energy to animals in general, or someone else’s pets: Once is enough as your loving intention boosts the energy. But if you want to love-bomb the entire animal kingdom, or your friend’s dog or cat (etc.), then you can play this recording in a loop for at least thirty minutes in a single session, as often as you like.


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