Lottie the Cavapoo - 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Lottie the Cavapoo has completed her 2 week residential training stay

Lottie is the sweetest, cudliest, most loving little girl and she's been a real joy to have as a guest.

Her owners main battle with Lottie was her resource guarding at home. She was constantly searching for items to steal and then guard. Items with labels such as knickers, blankets, teddies etc were her favourite and she wasn't keen to give them up without a fight. She would pull, chase and snap at her owners and with there being 3 children in the house it was a worry all round.

Lottie has worked super hard during her stay and will now drop any item on request without a problem. She has a wonderful understanding of 'Leave' also which means if her owner see's
Lottie approaching something she shouldn't have, she can now calmy ask Lottie to leave and she will immediately move away.

Lottie has worked so hard and also learnt our entire syllabus without any struggles as well as having the best holiday on the beach.

We shall miss Lottie so much ❤❤❤

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