Meet My Pet Bug Friends!【INVERT STREAM】

Hello! My name is Bugbugh but you can call me Bug! I am a Monarch Butterfly / Dragonfly Vtuber! I hope you enjoy the stream! Don't be afraid to say hello!

I stream on BOTH Youtube and Twitch at the same time!
☆ https://www.twitch.tv/bugbugh (has less chat delay)

Donate or tip me on Kofi so that I can pretend this is a real job!
☆ https://ko-fi.com/bugbugh

【Please read and follow the rules!】
• Do not spam!
• Don't be creepy towards me or others!
• No spoilers and no backseating unless I ask or I'm lost!
• Don't mention other vtubers unless I mention them.
• Don't self advertise in my chat.
• Please respect everyone! (including me)
If you see others breaking these rules feel free to politely remind them or ignore them and report it.

♡ Follow Me Elsewhere! ♡
Twitter (for art and updates):
Tiktok (occasional short content):
Discord (for community and updates):
Please do not join my Discord Server or DM me to ask for free work or help making a Vtuber Model. I don't have time to help everyone and my tutorial videos present all that I know. Thank you.

#Vtuber #ENVtuber
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