Obi the Patterdale Terrier - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Obi is a great lad and has successfully completed 3 weeks Residential training with us.

When he arrived, he had a few bad habits that needed addressing as it was making life quite stressful for his owners.

At home he would bark when his owners were preparing or eating food which was far from ideal. He’ll now sit in his bed when food is around, and the barking has stopped.

Boundary games have helped Obi to have a clear understanding of what is expected of him when food is present.

He also jumped an incredible amount both in the house at guests or on walks if people showed him interest or had food on them.
His jumping has reduced significantly, meaning those paws stay on the ground much more.

Obi’s recall and lead walking is also much improved and he’s a real joy to take out walking every day.

He’s done so well and we’re super proud of him

Good luck little fella ???? www.adolescentdogs.com

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