Rich VS Poor Girl *How to make DIY FIDGET TOYS FOR FREE*

The rich girl gets the new viral toys she saw on TikTok, but the poor girl doesn’t— instead she makes her own toys with what she’s got. These are easy to make and fun to play with. Make any one of these fidget toys with just a few items from Amazon. Watch this video and learn how to DIY your own toys.

0:14 Bend however you want / Pop Tubes https://amzn.to/3fp9h2j
1:20 Squishy Squirrel in a cup / Squirrel Cups
2:20 Pop, Pop, Pop! Touch the dimples / Simple Dimple
3:02 Cute animals you can squeeze / Mesh Squishy
3:42 Slimy and Foily / Squeezing Balls
4:28 Pop out the beanies! / Bean Fidget
5:04 Cute and fun / Squishy Toys
5:53 All you can squeeze! / Stress Balls
6:47 Tears from rich people are better than other people’s tears / Rich People’s Tears
7:25 Colorful, Cheap, and Easy! / Straw Fidget Toy

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