SMALL DOG day HALLOWEEN party! 3 GERMAN SHEPHERD puppies meet the small dog pack for the first time

Today was our Small Dog Day pack’s turn to celebrate Halloween with a party at the farm. There was a super squad of Mini Dachshunds, a pride of Lion Oodles, some spooky Cavaliers, Wonder-ful Havenese, cuddly monster Cocker Spaniels and a hot dog Chihuahua!

We ate chicken cake, it was delicious, but definitely Aunty Sam’s most horrifying as it was a bloody bone!

Albert the Mini Dachshund dived in the pool again and totally took us all by surprise. You’ll have to watch carefully or else you might just miss it!

We reminisced about our dear Jelly the Cocker Spaniel that has passed and how uncanny it is that his great granddaughter Amber is so similar. To the point that Amber walks the exact same path as Jelly did at the farm.

At the beginning of the video we have some fun with the German Shepherd puppies getting into Halloween costume, but it was a special milestone for them. Today was the first day they met one of the packs. They’ve socialised with our pack and the dogs sleeping over, but this was their first experience with a big pack of small dogs and they did brilliantly. Very calm and relaxed. They played well, even the timid girl has let go of her initial fears when meeting new doggies. They’re fast becoming more confident than Cutie Pie!

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