Special Birthday Lunchdate with Ruari the Irish Wheaten Terrier in the Bush

Ruari the Irish Wheaten Terrier has been coming to the farm now for about 6 years, since our first year of opening the farm. He’s celebrated many birthdays and had lots of chicken cakes, so this year, his 8th birthday, we wanted to do something special.

Ruari’s mum suggested that he would love something that included some one on one time with Uncle Luke.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been trying to get a bit creative and do something different for the dogs that have been coming since the beginning. Something special that they would in particular enjoy. They’ve already had so many birthday cake parties.

For Ruari, we created a special lunchdate in the bush. Aunty Kris oven baked a roast lamb and cooked some fresh chicken broth for Ruari. For Luke a cuppa and an Anzac cookie. For our international followers, Monday coming is Anzac Day here in Australia and New Zealand. A day we stop and remember all those who served and sacrificed at war. We traditionally bake Anzac cookies/biscuits. Also lamb is commonly served.

We all drove up the top of the hill in the Ranger. Aunty Sam tried to keep the lunch from spilling, Ruari ate half his lamb on the way.

Luke and Ruari sat and shared lunch by a little camp fire. It was really lovely. These moments are really special to us, not just to the doggies. To see how much Ruari enjoyed it, is what it’s all about for us.

Happy 8th birthday Ruari you are very special to us ????????
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