Stupid dog attacks a horse and pays the price!!!

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A Jack Russell got kicked by a horse, all cause of the owner who was unable to control her dog. A horse's kick is extremely powerful and can cause severe, even fatal injuries.
With an approximate speed of 200mph, an average horse can kick with a force of around 2,000 pounds of force per square inch. However, the closer someone is to a horse, less power they will receive from the kick. If someone is about 5 ft away , that is a full force kick, probably will break bones or even kill at the spot. The closest cousin of our domesticated horse's are zebras. Scientists say Zebras have powerful hindquarters, that can deliver a kick with force strong enough, to break a crocodile's jaw. zebras are usually considered to have the strongest kick, and have been known to kill a 280 kilogrammes male African lion, with a single body kick.

Dog attacks on horses are a problem, that affect riders in all areas. The danger is not only to the horse, which could be injured by the dog biting it, and rider, who could suffer injuries if they fall from the horse. But also a dog acting aggressively towards a horse will be at risk of being injured or even killed, if the horse kicks out to protect itself. Even if the dog does not make contact with the horse, a barking dog may cause a horse to spook and run away from what the horse perceives as a dangerous situation. This could result in the rider falling off the horse, leaving the horse to gallop loose and potential cause harm to itself or other people while in a fearful and uncontrolled state.

Horses are big powerful animals. They can kill in thousand different ways. That is why we have to respect them. You also have to be aware that horses have a blind spot behind them, and if anyone walks up in that, they are more likely to kick out and hurt them really bad.
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