Teddy the Cockapoo - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Teddy the Cockapoo has returned home after his 3 week residential stay.

Teddy is a cheeky boy at home and seeks attention all day by barking and stealing items.

Teddy's owners only break is when he spends the odd afternoon a week at daycare.

During Teddy's stay we've taught him how to chill out on his bed and to go to bed on cue when he starts barking.

We've also worked on settling further in both pubs and cafes and going to other people's homes, one of Teddy's owners' real struggle at home. It's been great for Teddy to learn to settle independently and quietly when asked.

We've also worked on Ted's resource guarding and have given his owners new ways to work with Ted and strict management to put in place at home.

Aswell as all the work in the house, we also sharpened up Ted's recall around distractions and taught him to walk calmly on the lead.

Teddy is a lovely lad and a real pleasure to have staying. His owners now have our full support on his training journey at home!

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