Tough Cat fends off a pack of stray dogs!!!

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Our video today is about a tough cat that survived after being attacked by a pack of stray dogs. Stray dogs can form packs and hunt together. However, they probably won't be able to hunt as effectively as wolves, as some will do better than others, depending on their breed. They still become great hunters though, specially when they are stray and have to hunt to survive.

In areas where wildlife is a threat to live stock, farmers mostly keep pack of dogs to fend off wild predators as dogs work really well as a team.

In this clip poor bear cub, ran straight into a pack of stray dogs and got killed in an instant. Usually mother bears are very protective of their young ones, but in this particular case presence of humans must be the reason for her to abandon her cub. The way dogs attacked the bear cub made it quite obvious that this wasn't something new for them and they were skilled hunters.
Now let's talk about this tough son of a gun cat, that survived the attack of stray dogs. The feral cat was sitting on the pavement when one of the stray dogs noticed it and attacked it followed by its pack. The cat took a quick shelter underneath a car that was parked beside the pavement. But constant barks from the dogs made the cat really nervous and it did a huge mistake of coming out from underneath the car. As soon as it came out the dogs grabbed hold of it. But the tough cat managed to fend them off and jumped on top of the bench nearby. Luckily for the cat, someone from the nearby buildings was watching all of this and they started to threw things like bricks to scare away the dogs. The dogs soon lost their interest in the cat and left the scene shortly after someone threw a brick on them. Before dogs were domesticated and fed kibble from a shiny bowl, dog's ancestors were hunters at heart. It's was their nature to track down, chase, and kill animals for food. All dogs have a certain level of predatory drive. The fact your dog is eager to chase a ball or shake a toy is because of this drive.
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