Using "The Rhythm of The Room" to Bewitch 8 Ball Python Pairs + Back Up Power and Security

Happy Halloween to all our followers!

Today we pair up 8 exciting Ball Python Pairs using a technique called "The Rhythm of the Room"

Here in the New Forest we lost Power on Halloween Sunday due to heavy wind and showers affecting overhead power lines throughout the forest.

Thank goodness Jared was able to restore power using our back up generator! Eggs and snakes experienced only a small drop in temperature due to quick action and good insulation within our new facility.

We discuss the need for protecting our eggs and snakes from loss of power, fire and theft. Using technology to reduce risk and to alert us to such emergencies before it is too late!

Filmed by PGTV - copyright 2021 New Forest Morphs

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Song: DayFox - Lioness (vlog no copyright music) Music provided by vlog no copyright music Video Link: https://youtu.be/twJ_cyx9RfA
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