Welcome back Friday’s pack!

What a wonderful way to end our first week back. Friday’s pack were pumped for an awesome day! They’d been waiting so long, but today was the day, the team was back together!

There was a lot happening with local wildlife in the first part of our day. Spring is surely the season for it.

Moving the Plover chicks again, helping the turtle get to the dam he was trying to get to, Kangaroos hopping off in the distance.

Friday’s pack met the shelter boys through the fence and there was no barking like they used to, just friendly wagging tails hello.

Gilbert had been planning all his hat pinching strategies over the break and he pulled them all off with skill and ease today!

A storm rolled in and the girls begged to go outside and dance with Dad and the dogs in the rain!

Gillie found another opportunity.

Then at the end of the day, Aunty Sam brought a piece of cheese pizza to Mumma Lucy. She so deserves a treat now then don’t you think?! She’s doing such a wonderful job and never complains. Mumma to Mumma. Lucy was ever so grateful.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ????
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