Winnie the Labrador - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Winnie the Labrador has completed her 4 week residential training holiday

Winnie is a super friendly and affectionate girl. Some may say a bit 'over friendly' as she does get very excited about meeting new dogs and people. Her tail and whole body will wag with excitement when introducing herself.

As lovely as Winnie is, there were concerns that she would unintentionally hurt a small dog or knock a child over.

We have worked on teaching Winnie to greet and move on as well as ignoring distractions that send her into a frenzy.

Winnie is now recalling beautifully on the long line which means she spends far less time on the lead and can enjoy more freedom of off lead walks.

On the lead Winnie was very powerful so we have improved her positioning and promoted a bit of calm for when she is on the lead.

Good luck Winnie ????????


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