Zola the Tibetan Terrier - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Zola the Tibetan Terrier has completed her 3 week residential training holiday

Zola is a very loving dog and also the sassy star of any situation. Zola’s family adore her, but being a terrier she is a very strong minded girl and finding the right motivation for her outdoors was sometimes troublesome.

Zola had a massive scare and ended up running away from her owners and since then her recall completely disappeared, meaning she was an on lead dog only. Zola’s owners wanted nothing more than their girl to enjoy her freedom again. This was the main focus of Zola’s stay!

Zola can now check in and recall from all sorts of distractions. She has smashed this side of her training and is now a great off lead dog, enjoying checking in often. Alongside this, we have built up her food drive and found treats she loves so that she is super inclined to work outdoors.

Alongside this, Zola worked really hard on her general obedience and can now do all her basic cues. With that, Zola has much more impulse control and can respond well to her stay cue, so that she can ignore distractions when asked which is a massive help as Zola is very social.


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